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What’s better than having one beer?

Two beers. One for you and one for your friend.

We believe that beer is more than just a conversation starter. It’s a reason to come together. This reason has been around for generations, and it’s everything we value. 

Handcrafted beer, is made with love and spreading the love is what we're about. Locally crafted in Bali, our philosophy of life on the island seeps through everything we do. Our passion of bringing people together has led to creating this project. Our ambition of bringing people together is the begining of something far greater than just beer.

Bali Brewing Company was born through our community and intends to grow into a refined, united and selfless approach of brewing craft beer in Indonesia. 


Beer represents the greatest social lubricant. It enables us to relax when we indulge with tolerance and kindness, while also empowering us to be our authentic self. We strive to keep wonderful people and moments around us.



Yours sincerely 

a new friend.

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