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It’s been a dream of ours to share beer with as many people as possible.

We believe that high-quality beer brewed with an earth-forward ethos is the way to the future.

"Brewing is an occupation perhaps like no other. The art brings creativity. The science brings consistency."

The Art of Brewing, a manifesto from Duane Morton


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Encourage a culture of curiosity and development in the crafting of our beer, while staying true to the art of brewing.

Watch Chapter 1 of the build of Island Brewing Facility


Our Brewing facility is setup to encourage innovation and partnerships that contribute to building an exciting and vibrant Indonesian beer movement. 

Grown with inspiration from beers from far away lands, Mattia began brewing at home and after plenty of time testing beers on his friends and family, he brewed up what worked and the rest was the beginning of beer history in Bali.

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Watch Chapter 1 with our Founder Mattia Morri

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Island Brewing has been named the top brewery in Indonesia at the renowned Asia Beer Championship 2023! Our beers Small Hazy, Black Sand Brewery IPA, and the Summer Pale Ale took home medals. Inspired by the beauty of our island and our passion for brewing, these award-winning beers are a testament to our craft.

Our Beers

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