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It’s been a dream of ours to make it possible to share beer with as many people as possible. We understand to do that is not easy. Besides the passion to create great beer, you need infrustructure, time, teams and so much more. So this is us making it possible for you.

This is beer made easy. 

Located in a picturesque & tranquil valley just outside of Canggu, Bali. The Brewery of Bali Brewing Co is surrounded by flourishing green rice paddies. Capable of producing, canning and the distribution of beer. Equipped with state of the art Canning Lines, Keg Washers, Chillers, Fermentors, Bright tanks and the finest ingredients. We are set to produce some of the greatest beer, Bali has seen. Our factory has its own patented online app systems, including it’s own client focused application. Available for download on any Android or iOS device. This allows customers to order straight from their phone and track their delivery. It gives us the efficiency to be on track and on target consistently. The factory will provide multiple services from producing it’s own beer, along with  opening possibilities of other beer brands to begin producing in Bali.

Introducing, The Beer Lab.

The dream of owning your own beer, is now so much simpler. We offer extensive services, ranging from production to packaging all the way to distribution. Our services start at the average Joe’s Homebrew to the BeerKing who wants a full pledged brewery. We want everyone to be drinking the best possible. Keeping the conscious light, the hangovers to a low and empowering others to do business with passion in mind. 

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