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Introducing the Light Lager

With only 3.5% alcohol, crisp and clean taste makes it great choice for any occasion.

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14,000 litres,
6 Variations,
7 Batches

"I guess since the first Silver Bullet, man that first day was pretty crazy. I remember you came in with your sunnies, like your funny sunnies that you usually wear. Crazy, that was pretty exciting. We needed to test the canning line, first one, and first one, bro, the can company just sent us plain silver bullets so we had to put some sort of beer in it, you know the trial batches and stuff, and then we gave them to our friends and they were loving them. So yeah, that was pretty cool till the printed cans came. Right, I think it kind of had this cool factor about it, having a beer with no branding on it, and then everyone just started calling them silver bullets. Oh, can I get some of the Silver Bullets?

This is the first sample we like, it smells good, tastes good, drinks good. The light beer is something that we really need, you know, we don't want to sit there and get boozy all the time, we just want to have a couple with our friends. The Island Brewing light can design sort of represents a story all in, is about the beer and this little backstory of how it all started. These are the hardest beers to make because there's nothing to hide behind." - Mattia Di Bitonto 

For all the right reasons.

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