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What’s better than having one beer? Two beers. One for you and one for your friend. We believe that beer is more than just a conversation starter. It’s a reason to come together, and it’s everything we value.


Handcrafted beer, is made with love and spreading the love is what we're about. Locally crafted in Bali, our philosophy of life on the island seeps through everything we do. Our ambition of bringing people together is the beginning of something far greater than just beer.

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Island Brewing was born through our community and intends to grow into a refined, united and selfless approach of brewing craft beer in Indonesia. We also believe that high quality, fresh craft beer produced with an earth forward ethic is the path to the future.


That is why we are dedicated, focused and driven to openly share this innovative approach combined with all the data we gather. This in order to lead the way to a sustainable beer industry and inspire others to follow suit.


The Brewery

Located in a tranquil valley in the highlands above Canggu, our state-of-the-art brewery is set to produce the finest beer Bali. Built with oversized utilities, we are poised to rapidly add brewing capacity as our business flourishes.


And we are proud to have created a series of custom applications for all our systems which are sure to innovate the standards of the industry. From our modernized offices to our brewing lab to our workshop floor.


Beer made easy

It’s always been a dream of ours to share great tasting beer with a widespread
community. And that takes passion, infrastructure and a committed team. All of which we have.

Island Brewing is making it possible for you.

We offer an all inclusive service that provides production, packaging, design and all
the logistics necessary for an effective, profitable distribution network. 
And all of our partnerships will be aligned with an environmental vision and a clear mission that will ensure awareness and success within the craft beer industry.

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